Achieving Agility Through Mindful Digital Strategy

How a mindful digital strategy helps this healthcare organization keep their competitive edge

Our client’s new digital strategy allows them to execute new projects in less than half the time required previously — and at half the cost.


When a large healthcare enterprise needed a digital strategy that would enable them to get new products to market more quickly, they contacted Primitive Logic.

The Challenge

Our client had recently experienced a major growth spurt, which left their outdated IT systems unable to support the changing needs of the organization. Small requests or changes required no less than 90 days to execute, and broader changes often took 9 months or more, hampering our client’s ability to get new products and services to market quickly.

The organization was a leader in their market, but competition was escalating and customer expectations were evolving more rapidly than they could respond. Their leadership recognized that they faced a real risk of losing their market share.

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

The client chose Primitive Logic based on our proven digital strategy expertise as well as our deep knowledge of enterprise architecture and enterprise data management. They also appreciated the mindful approach that enables us to resolve today’s challenges efficiently while also architecting for the future. Upon contacting some of our previous clients as references, the organization’s key decision makers received enthusiastic feedback regarding our people, our processes, and our ability to build business value quickly.

The Results

Primitive Logic created a digital strategy that aligned our client’s IT structure and processes with their business goals, using our proven approach to mindful digital transformation:

  • Current State Assessment: We evaluated our client’s entire digital landscape and identified the obstacles that were slowing their time-to-market.
  • Insights and Analysis: We assessed the needs of internal and external stakeholders to understand and incorporate their expectations.
  • Innovation Roadmap: We helped our client identify their digital objectives to deliver immediate business value with some quick wins while still achieving their longer-term goals.
  • Digital Scope: We took into consideration our client’s entire digital footprint, not just the website.
  • Execution and Governance: We built a prioritized plan of deliverables and worked with our client to determine the timeline, budget, and resources needed.
  • Future-State Architecture: Looking beyond implementation, we built a flexible architecture that will enable our client to keep pace with future technology changes and evolving customer expectations.

We proceeded to work with the client in implementing our strategic recommendations — an effort that encompassed more than 200 different projects.

Our client’s new digital strategy allows them to execute new projects and new business functions in less than half the time required previously — and at half the cost. Business users can now execute campaigns on their own, without having to involve IT. Our client can respond and adapt to evolving customer needs effectively and efficiently, having achieved the agility they need to stay ahead of competitors and to continue leading their market.

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