About Primitive Logic and BigID

To align their systems and processes with the requirements of GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws, organizations must first understand not only what data they have, but whose data they have. BigID helps them answer this question by providing a centralized view into personal information distributed across data repositories. Primitive Logic partners with BigID to help our clients identify all the personal data across their systems, enabling them to document their processes as part of a data privacy readiness plan while also using that data to drive more informed business decisions.

How Primitive Logic Can Help

Primitive Logic helps clients gain a fundamental understanding of how they gather, store, secure, process, and disclose personal data as part of their readiness plans for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws. Our partnership with BigID helps us accurately depict each client’s personal data landscape, which facilitates identification of gaps between their current state and what the applicable regulations require.

Why Primitive Logic?

Primitive Logic combines a comprehensive understanding of data privacy laws with the technical expertise needed to help clients align their systems and processes with legislative requirements. Our proven effective, systematic approach begins with an analysis of current state, then continues with planning, implementation, and ongoing governance phases. Through our close partnership with BigID, we not only streamline the analysis phase, but also put in place a framework that helps our clients monitor changes in their data structure and make the updates necessary to maintain their compliance status.

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