Master Data Management

MDM Means Serious Business

MDM ensures that your data is current, accurate, secure, easily accessible, and regulatory compliant.


Your master data is one of your enterprise’s key assets. With our master data management (MDM) solution, we identify your customer data and determine who accesses that data. Then we work with you to create a governance program to manage and maintain the way data is created, read, updated, deleted, and searched, as well as the way it interacts with other data.

Why Is MDM Important?

The wealth of data that your organization is collecting and storing can be your most valuable asset, as long as you have an effective strategy for ensuring the quality of your data.

MDM solutions provide and maintain a consistent view of an organization’s core business entities to help shift its focus from creating and capturing data to actively leveraging it to drive business insights. MDM ensures data is current, accurate, secure, easily accessible, and compliant with applicable regulations. This is done by

  • Reducing time spent discovering and preparing data
  • Eliminating inaccuracies and data redundancies,
  • Increasing operational efficiency and regulatory effectiveness

How Can Primitive Logic Can Help

Primitive Logic brings over 30 years of experience providing solutions for enterprise data management. We have delivered full life-cycle services to help clients plan, build, and implement data management solutions for a broad range of industries, including financial services, high-tech/software, healthcare, and others. We understand that master data management is just an initial step, and we know how to help you build a strategy that can guide your overall enterprise for years to come.

Our Approach

Whether your goal is to leverage your data to create business value or to integrate an acquired company’s data, Primitive Logic will help you go through this complex process.

  • 006 : Customer Data : We determine data location and systems that actively create or update customer data.
  • 012 : Entity Definition : We establish a common definition of entities and common data attributes, which define the start of developing a master data model.
  • 013 : Data Evaluation : We ensure data is complete, accurate, and free of duplicates.
  • 001 : Data Integration : We combine data from old and new sources in a way that creates a single source of truth for the entire organization.
  • 005 : Data Governance : We create a data governance program to help control your accurate master data model.
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