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The emergence of the internet of things, mobile networks, new analytics capabilities, and “as-a-service” business models have transformed the business landscape for technology-based enterprises. Those who make strategic use of their digital assets will position themselves to accelerate their time-to-market and join the ranks of innovation leaders. At Primitive Logic, we have more than 30 years of experience helping clients in the hardware, software/SaaS, and cloud-based service fields to adapt to today’s challenges while they prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped technology clients to achieve mindful digital transformation:

  • Created platform for self-service HR, payroll, and benefits administration
  • Developed and implemented IT strategy to spur business growth and address complex international requirements
  • Developed and implemented EDM strategy to support “cloud everything” operations
  • Implemented process automation resulting in 80 percent increase in product pricing and sales yield
  • Customized ERP to support growing demands and created training program to maximize client team capabilities
  • Improved supply chain management through business intelligence analytics
  • Reduced parking lift maintenance costs by 80 percent through IIoT implementation
  • Created e-commerce portal to simplify purchase process, increase online sales, and support complex online transactions

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