Data Privacy

Prepare your organization for GPDR, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and other data privacy laws

As concerns over the use of personal data escalate, more data privacy and protection laws are being proposed and enacted around the world. Is your organization ready?


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Primitive Logic helps organizations align with the requirements of GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other laws that are encouraging businesses to rethink how they handle personal data.

Why Data Privacy Is Important

With the enforcement of GDPR and the passing of the CCPA, data privacy has emerged as one of the most important compliance issues of our time. Not only do organizations need to satisfy regulatory bodies, but many potential customers, partners, and acquirers have made compliance with data privacy laws a condition of doing business with them. To achieve the level of transparency these regulations require — and to build the trust that can foster long-term customer relationships — you first need to understand what data you have and how your organization handles it.

How Primitive Logic Can Help

Your data is one of your most valuable assets, but it can only serve your organization if you know exactly what data you have, how current/accurate it is, and what you do with it. Primitive Logic has more than 30 years of experience in master data management, enterprise architecture, and systems integration, and we have helped numerous clients successfully align their organizations with data privacy regulations.

Our Approach

Primitive Logic helps you understand how your organization is using personal data, then we create and implement a strategic roadmap to help you create value from it while also aligning with data privacy regulations.

  • 013 : Understand : We assess the current state to evaluate the current compliance posture across 3 areas: data processing, security, and policies.
  • 014 : Plan : We build a remediation plan to address issues and gaps, and we partner with you to scope and build a roadmap of the required remediation activities.
  • 015 : Act : We work to operationalize compliance by implementing programs and projects that address gaps in compliance.
  • 012 : Document : We document the results of your compliance efforts, both for your own information and for potential business partners or acquirers.
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Case Study

Fond: Assessing GDPR Readiness

Employee engagement platform provider Fond transformed a need to comply with GDPR into an opportunity to improve data privacy and protection for all customers.

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