Technical and Security Due Diligence

Uncovering Potential Risks to Guide Valuation and Deal Negotiations

Whether you are acquiring intellectual property or merging for growth, conducting proper technical due diligence will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.


In preparing for a merger or acquisition, technology and security due diligence helps you understand both companies’ technologies with a focus on getting the most out of the combined entity.

Technical due diligence provides insight into whether you can reasonably expect to see a synergistic effect— or whether a high-tech minefield awaits as the companies merge.

Why Is Technology and Security Due Diligence Important?

When approaching a merger, it’s critical to assess the details of how a company is run technically, how it is protected from a cybersecurity and privacy perspective, and what gaps may limit the success of product or technical integrations with another company.

You need to know which systems and capabilities are critical to realizing benefits, including web properties, enterprise software systems, information security, and CRM.

A technology due diligence delivers tangible value by

  • Helping the acquiring party understand what they are really getting in terms of IT
  • Creating a roadmap to jump-start post-merger integration

How Can Primitive Logic Help?

Partnering with an experienced technology architecture and integration firm early in the M&A lifecycle is critical. Primitive Logic brings over three decades of enterprise architecture and data management expertise to our mission of helping you mitigate risk while providing a clearer picture of how you can maximize success in the future.

Our areas of application include

  • Data architecture
  • Cloud architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Network architecture
  • Security risks/architecture/processes
  • IT services/resources

Our Approach

We offer a comprehensive yet rapid assessment for companies who need a reliable and tailored assessment for their business needs.

  • 013 : Assessment : We conduct a focused assessment of the target’s IT architecture and service management capabilities, based on the level of technical due diligence selected.
  • 005 : Analysis : Based on assessment results, we analyze the target's overall technology profile.
  • 002 : Remediation : We develop a remediation level of effort (LOE) with cost estimates and recommended priorities.
  • 003 : Executive Summary : We create an executive-level presentation based upon the findings.
M&A Due Diligence for a Private Equity Firm
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M&A Due Diligence for a Private Equity Firm

Primitive Logic helped this private equity firm advise their client on an acquisition and to get a head start on the post-deal integration.

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