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Mindful Digital Transformation: Cut Through the Noise to Empower Your Business to Thrive in the Rapidly Changing Digital World

Primitive Logic has been solving large-scale, complex digital business strategy challenges for over thirty years. Our solutions are designed to evolve with an ever-changing digital landscape.

What makes us different? Primitive Logic’s unique, time-tested approach applies mindfulness to digital transformation.

Mindful Client Experience

Everything we do is focused on our client’s best interests.

Our approach to consulting starts with the end in sight – your immediate success and long-term ability to adapt as technology continually evolves. Digitally evolved businesses far outperform the S&P 500, and our team helps you invest in solutions that increase your company’s value. We staff every project with the right people—senior, knowledgeable talent along with the insights, experience, and involvement of our executive team. Along the way, we structure a mindful transition that fosters your business’ independence and self-sufficiency. We approach every relationship with a goal of making you successful, which is why our clients return to us time and again to help them address the new challenges they face.

Mindful Customer Experience

When your customers have a great experience we have done our job well.

A successful digital transformation starts with understanding what you want to achieve—and that begins with understanding your customer experience. We help you answer critical questions about how your customer experience influences your business. With an understanding of what your customers want and how that aligns with where you want to go as a company, we leverage technology to craft innovative and elegant solutions that help you deliver a winning customer experience.

Mindful Integration

We seamlessly weave digital strategy, experience design, and technology together.

Our fully integrated teams combine deep expertise architecture and systems integration with traditional agency offerings to solve increasingly complex problems. The result is seamless innovation and systems that are designed to sustain your business as it evolves. Through thoughtful collaboration, we partner with your teams to ensure that they are fully integrated and prepared to take over at the end of the project. You get the benefits of our cutting-edge technical experience backed by over 30 years of implementing large scale mission critical technology solutions, in every project and every client relationship.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundation and the soul of Primitive Logic. They shape our work, our relationships, and the way that we build our teams.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is part of how we show up in the world, from building client relationships, to designing and implementing engagements, to ensuring successful project handoffs, to our day-to-day interactions with you. We focus on listening to what you really need, understanding your business, and shaping innovative solutions with your goals and best interests in mind.

Champion Quality

Quality is a key ingredient for success, and we are successful only when we have exceeded customer expectations in every interaction.

Embrace Integrity

Your best interests are our top priority. Integrity shapes everything we do, from helping you determine what services you truly need to ensuring each project is completed with high quality, on time and under budget—and always with open and honest communication.

Bring Your Passion

Great consulting is about dedication and thinking outside the box. We’ve built our team around passionate, creative people who are committed to achieving optimal results.

Support Each Other

We support our clients, our partners, and each other. We believe that it is only through fostering true collaboration that we can achieve excellent results.

Our Areas of Expertise

Innovation happens at the nexus of different disciplines, and we help you solve today’s most pressing challenges by combining our digital strategy, experience design, and technology. We specialize in the following areas of mindful digital transformation.

We quiet the noise of the rapidly evolving technology landscape with actionable, implementable solutions that generate lasting business results.

We work with you to create sustainable solutions that begin with your customer experience in mind. When your customers are happy we’ve done our job well.

We help you develop a 360-degree view of your customers to help you anticipate their needs, sell effectively, and quickly resolve any customer-related issues that may arise.

We leverage your existing infrastructure and designs solutions with adaptability, flexibility, and scalability in mind to help you achieve both incremental success and long-term value regardless of where you are in your digital transformation.

We successfully design and implement strategies for big data management and master data management and governance solutions to improve data quality and security – making data your company’s most valuable asset.

We implement solutions that help you harness analytics to better understand the data and to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

We humanize technology through a mindful consulting approach.
We integrate digital strategy, experience design, and technology expertise to position our clients for success.
We have been helping clients digitally transform for over 30 years.
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