Post M&A Integration

Simplify Your Portfolio to Achieve M&A Synergy Goals

A post-M&A technology integration plan offers an opportunity to more quickly realize the efficiencies and synergies of a merger or acquisition.


Our post-M&A integration solution helps you simplify your technology portfolio and the associated infrastructure supporting it. Post-M&A integration lets you reduce costs and operate more efficiently by standardizing, streamlining, and simplifying your portfolio following a merger or acquisition without compromising service quality. It drives progress towards your M&A synergy goals, allowing you to focus on legal and regulatory issues, systems and process integration, and business continuity throughout the M&A process.

Why Is Post-M&A Integration Important?

During a merger or acquisition, it’s vital to examine your applications portfolio and explore opportunities to

  • Attain operational and cost synergies via the acquisition
  • Reduce stranded costs left with the seller after a divestiture
  • Standardize, streamline, and simplify your application portfolio to best serve the future company and its lines of business

Application rationalization is a major cost-synergy opportunity that often yields a 20–50 percent reduction in IT footprints, because it

  • Reduces license costs and the number of third-party vendors under contract
  • Offers the opportunity to sunset customizations and migrate to out-of-the-box functionality and/or standardized business processes
  • Enables you to jump start the historical data conversation early in the deal lifecycle, avoiding costly surprises once the deal closes

How Primitive Logic Can Help

We follow a set of established, proven best practices, developed from more than 30 years of enterprise architecture and systems integrations. We leverage that expertise to identify potential risks and provide full-service solutions in ensuring an effective merger or acquisition process.

Our Approach

Our post-M&A integration approach enables you to decrease the number of applications in use, reduce license costs, retire unneeded customizations, and start the historical data conversation early in the deal lifecycle.

  • 005: Governance Model : We establish a PMO and governance model to guide IT strategy and control costs achieving deal objectives.
  • 003 : Stakeholder Alignment : We ensure business stakeholders are aligned with the overall objectives of the application rationalization process across all functions.
  • 001 : Project Inventory : We prepare a project inventory to identify and assess critical projects in-flight, in order to align projects with the go-forward strategy and cost model.
  • 004 : Application Costs : We address key areas and outline the purpose for your website, online content, social presence, mobile apps, etc.
  • 002 : Roadmap and Blueprint : We develop an application transition roadmap and an end-state portfolio blueprint to keep stakeholders informed and bought-in.
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