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“I need a team that can comprehend our business problem and deliver a technology solution that is extensible and will scale with our rapidly growing business. Primitive Logic is one of the few that gets it and has consistently delivered high quality results on time and on budget.”
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For many enterprises, decades of quick-fix solutions have resulted in a scattered, siloed mess of applications and processes that neither meets day-to-day requirements nor supports future business goals. Creating a scalable and flexible architecture is essential to enable the business to evolve to meet the demands of a rapidly changing digital environment.

For over 30 years, Primitive Logic has helped clients accelerate their businesses by taking a mindful approach to enterprise architecture transformation that not only solves their immediate needs, but also positions them for success as technology evolves.

Why Is Enterprise Architecture So Important?

Technology is a differentiator and cutting-edge quickly becomes mainstream.  In today's fast-paced, hyper-competitive environment, businesses must be able to evolve or risk being left behind. The constant emergence of new technologies, new customer expectations, new competitors, and new markets demands an adaptable, scalable, and agile framework that positions the enterprise for success — today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

Businesses with a cohesive, well planned enterprise architecture are able to

  • Access accurate data when they need it
  • Implement changes quickly and cost-effectively
  • Integrate legacy systems with new platforms
  • Implement security measures across the organization with greater efficiency
  • Improve governance and compliance with regulations

How Can Primitive Logic Help?

We've seen technology evolve over our three decades of enterprise experience, which enables us to anticipate where it is headed. Primitive Logic takes the time to understand the intricacies of your business. Then we design customized solutions with adaptability, flexibility, and scalability in mind to help you achieve both incremental success and long-term value, regardless of where you are in your digital transformation.

Our Approach

Primitive Logic guides your organization toward a more effective, efficient, and elegant architecture today to give you the platform you need for a brighter digital tomorrow.

  • 013 : Assessment : We assess your current architecture’s strengths and weaknesses, highlighting opportunities to reduce costs while predicting system scalability for a more efficient integration effort.
  • 018 : Goal Setting : We collaborate on your business and IT goals and explore how integration can help you meet those goals. We then help you define the metrics for your KPIs.
  • 014 : Strategy : We take into account all the customizations and intricacies of your business to craft a strategy that is both comprehensive and specifically tailored to your needs.
  • 001 : Integration Architecture : We give you a complete overview of your developing infrastructure.
  • 002 : Roadmap : We outline the steps needed to get from your current state to your desired future state, so you can see the business value gained along the way.
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Aligning Document Management Across Lines of Business

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