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About Primitive Logic and AMI Global

AMI Global chose Primitive Logic as their partner due to our depth of experience with the industrial internet of things (IIoT) using tools such as GE Digital, as well as our expertise in aggregating and integrating data to empower clients to make data-driven business decisions. We understand the full IIoT life cycle, from connecting remote equipment to gathering and analyzing data to reducing costs through data-driven predictive and preventive maintenance.

Studies show that by implementing preventive maintenance — replacing or repairing parts before they fail — businesses can achieve cost savings of up to 18 percent compared to reactive maintenance. Preventive maintenance requires data, and through our partnership with AMI Global, Primitive Logic helps clients monitor equipment performance remotely, only deploying technicians when a repair is needed.

Why Primitive Logic?

  • IIoT Expertise: We integrate digital strategy, experience design, and systems integration expertise to implement all-encompassing IIoT solutions.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Experience: For more than three decades, Primitive Logic has helped manufacturers and other industrial clients integrate and utilize data to improve their bottom line.
  • Data Integration: The data from your industrial assets is a valuable asset. For years we’ve been helping enterprises unlock the business value in their data, from integration to aggregation, and use it as a basis for better business decisions.

“We have chosen Primitive Logic as our premier Partner because of their expertise in business and technology consulting – in particular their track record of delivering IIoT project value for clients. They are leaders in Digital Transformation, and we have a well aligned market changing vision to bring the “connected device” to the forefront of the industrial market.”
Henrik Laursen, Chief Executive Officer, AMI Global

Case Study

Leveraging IIoT to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Primitive Logic helped this client leverage IIoT devices to reduce the need for on-site maintenance, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

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