With the power of WebCenter & our digital strategy, experience design, and technology talents, Primitive Logic can help you engage, ignite, and realize your Digital platforms for today and beyond.

We achieve a digital experience that integrates seamless user experience, responsive web design, and essential technology frameworks using WebCenter Suite.

Our Services

Primitive Logic’s services maximize Digital Engagement by properly applying the best-in-class design concepts with the power, flexibility, and robustness of the Oracle WebCenter platform.

We bring serious Creative talent with backgrounds and experiences from the largest creative agencies in the world combined with well known, top Oracle technologists and thought leaders recognized by the various Oracle communities to our customers to create the best-in-class Digital Experiences in the industry.

Our Unique Approach

Our application of Interactive principles to the Oracle WebCenter platform is the “secret sauce” that makes our work disruptive. While most agencies and SI’s focus on one or two of the Interactive “trinity” (Strategy, Technology, and Creative), Primitive Logic delivers on all three in an integrated fashion.

Our approach combines the strengths of WebCenter with our Creative designs to create strategic solutions for our clients.

What You Can Expect

When you engage Primitive Logic to help with your WebCenter solutions, you will get the benefit of our unique and peerless experience extending the boundaries of Sites and ADF, delivering rich client functionality and bringing the “cool” factor to Oracle.

End users benefit from an engaging Digital Experience. The enterprise gains deeper and more integrated insights into user behavior, enabling agile adjustments to be made that quickly meet business objectives.

Strategy, Technical, and Experience Design

Creating Digital Engagement

The result is an engaging, elegant, and results-oriented Digital Experience on WebCenter that meets the changing/shifting needs and expectations of end-users while providing enterprises deeper and more integrated insights into user behavior. Those insights allow enterprises to respond with agility to drive users towards targeted desired outcomes.

Responsive Web Design

Primitive Logic’s approach of enabling Responsive Web Design on Sites and Portal allows enterprises to cost-effectively keep up with the rapidly growing landscape of mobile devices and form factors with shorter time to market cycles. We design aesthetics/look and feel elements that align with today’s leading User Interface design trends.

Solution Experience

WebCenter Sites

Primitive Logic creates compelling, elegant user experiences driving customer conversion, acquisition, and loyalty across all devices.
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WebCenter Content

Primitive Logic consolidates unstructured content making it searchable, re-usable, and accessible.
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WebCenter Portal

Primitive Logic executes complete re-designs of Fortune 500 ‘My Account’ sites, helps our clients transition from WebLogic to WebCenter, and implements multi-device functionality.
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