About Primitive Logic and Inxeption

Inxeption has chosen Primitive Logic as its premier partner based on our depth of expertise ranging from customer experience to data integration. Primitive Logic helps manufacturers improve products and increase profitability by connecting them with customers directly and incorporating customer input into product design and development. Inxeption’s cloud-based platform facilitates end-user driven design and manufacturing by offering enterprises unique insights into customers’ needs and preferences.

For manufacturers who sell through distributors, it can be a challenge to determine who the actual customers are, let alone what those customers want from their products. Primitive Logic and Inxeption help manufacturers reach customers directly to deliver the products they want, when they want them.

Why Primitive Logic?

    • Customer Relationship Management: Primitive Logic knows customers — who they are, how to reach them, and how best to engage them. We bring this expertise to our work with manufacturers who may not even know who their end user is.
    • Data Integration: We understand that data can be your most value able asset. For years we’ve been helping enterprises unlock the business value in their data, from integration to aggregation, and use it as a basis for better business decisions.
    • User Experience Design: We help clients create great user experiences designed to make every interaction as convenient, relevant, and enjoyable as possible for all the users you serve.

“We selected Primitive Logic as our ‘go-to’ partner because of their strong customer experience and data integration background – and their history of successfully getting projects done on time and on budget.
Peter Stern, SVP Corporate Development, Inxeption

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