About Primitive Logic and Adobe

Adobe chose Primitive Logic as a partner for its Experience Cloud platform due to our depth of expertise in helping clients deliver an exceptional customer experience. Through this partnership, we give our clients the digital marketing solutions they need to deliver an outstanding customer experience, all in one place.

Primitive Logic has a deep understanding of all the factors that go into creating a great digital customer experience — from leveraging data to create focused audience profiles to automating marketing messaging in coordinated campaigns. Using Adobe Experience Cloud, we enable clients to put all the pieces in place with a single solution from one of the industry’s most respected providers.

Why Primitive Logic?

  • Customer Relationship Management: Primitive Logic knows how to reach customers, how to engage them, and how to keep them coming back.
  • Data Integration: Your customer data can be your most valuable asset. For years we’ve been helping brands unlock the business value in their customer data and use it to build superior experiences.
  • Master Data Management: Marketing effectively to customers requires a single source of truth that provides a 360-degree view of who they are. We help clients break down data silos, eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies, and streamline their data management to help them build a truly customer-focused organization.
  • User Experience Design: We help clients create great user experiences designed to make every interaction as convenient, relevant, and enjoyable as possible for all the users you serve.

Partner Awards and Recognitions

  • Adobe Systems Integrator for the Western Region, 2004

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