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As organizations evolve to address the needs of a rapidly changing environment, microservice architecture is gaining popularity across industries. Instead of having to integrate new services and functionalities into a monolithic application, businesses can more quickly and easily launch these assets as standalone microservices. As a result, services can launch and integrate faster, adapt more easily to changes in the environment, and scale more easily. The key is having the right microservice architecture in which information flows easily between systems, and that’s where Primitive Logic can help.

Why Is Integrating with Microservices So Important?

Integrating with microservices can radically optimize how your business operates by

  • Promoting re-use
  • Extending the life of legacy applications
  • Promoting system resiliency and loose coupling
  • Improving business agility
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Helping align IT with business
  • Improving organizational data flow
  • Reducing total cost of ownership

How Primitive Logic Can Help

Microservice architecture leverages Primitive Logic’s industry-leading expertise with full lifecycle implementations in Fortune 500 companies over the last 30 years. We can jumpstart your microservice efforts by leveraging best practices, patterns, tooling, policies, and procedures, charting the right path for effective delivery of microservice integration with a focus on ROI. Over the last three decades, our teams have supported clients with a wide range of integration initiatives, including

  • SaaS integration
  • ERP integration
  • MDM integration
  • Trading partner integration
  • Data warehouse integration

Our Approach

We designed our approach to increase the value of your existing microservice investments while helping you plan for the long term.

  • 014 : Microservice Strategy : We conduct a business value assessment and establish financial justification.
  • 013 : Critical Assessment : We assess your organizational readiness, requirements management, interface, canonical messaging, and infrastructure.
  • 002 : Process Involvement : We take a comprehensive approach that encompasses governance, operations, performance operations, and other key areas.
  • 015 : Transition : Our strategic approach to transition involves product evaluation and implementation, performance tuning, service consumer framework, and service orientation.
Case Study

Arriving at Agility Through Microservices

How implementing a microservices architecture gave a large bank the agility it needed to improve its online banking experience

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