Digital Accessibility Benefits Everyone, Including Your Business

Accessibility is key to both welcoming new customers into the fold and fostering long-term customer relationships.


Making your website and other digital portals accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is a vital step in engaging visitors and converting them into customers. By aligning your user interfaces with best practices for accessibility, you improve the experience for everyone, which is good for your brand and your bottom line.

Improving accessibility isn’t just a matter of going page by page and ensuring that all the content is accessible by people with disabilities. It’s about the complete user experience, the sum total of interactions involved in completing a task, such as logging on to a bank’s website and transferring funds between accounts.

Why Is Website Accessibility Important?

The biggest reason to make your online portals accessible is that it’s the right thing to do. But companies like Apple and Microsoft, who have made accessibility part of their entire corporate ethos, are realizing a host of additional benefits:

  • Proactively designing for those with impairments can result in new innovations and products that are more engaging for all users.
  • Accessibility creates a bigger market by opening the door to more users.
  • Accessibility sends a community-oriented message about your company and your values.
  • Accessibility helps you evolve with changing conditions such as an aging target market.

How Primitive Logic Can Help

The road to accessibility compliance can be a confusing one — but if you want to develop a strong reputation as an organization that goes the extra mile for all of your customers, it’s one you’ll want to take. With over thirty years of experience in facilitating mindful digital transformations, we’re prepared to clear your path to social inclusion by creating strategic, actionable roadmaps to help you find your way.

Our Approach

Primitive Logic can help you reach more potential customers and bring in more revenue by making your website accessible, while also providing a more elegant and engaging customer experience for all your customers.

  • 013 : Assessment : We perform an expert diagnostic on each digital portal that allows you to fully understand its level of compliance.
  • 014 : Strategy : Our compliance roadmap takes into account your business situation, governance, and standards development.
  • 015 : Remediation : We work collaboratively with your team to fix issues identified during the Assessment phase.
  • 012 : Training : Throughout our process, we offer educational support through specialized training, including “train-the-trainer” sessions, and peer programming to familiarize your team with the principles of accessibility.
  • 016 : Sustainability : We equip you with the tools and support you need to integrate a sustainable digital accessibility plan, ensuring that you can continue to meet your goals long after the project comes to an end.

Reinventing the Online Customer Experience
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Reinventing the Online Customer Experience

Primitive Logic helped this utility company re-platform its outdated website, resulting in improved UX, compliance, and accessibility.

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