EDM and Analytics

Turn an Asset Into a Competitive Advantage

Businesses want to maximize the value of data, and technology must secure it. When enterprises find themselves collecting so much data that they don't know what to do with it, it's time for a strategic approach.


In today’s digital economy, data is the life’s blood of any organization, and the future belongs to those who can transform it into a competitive advantage. A strategic approach to data is essential for any enterprise looking to

  • Gain analytical insights
  • Develop accurate business models
  • Customize product and services for customers
  • Capitalize on new business opportunities

Why Is EDM So Important?

Data doesn’t become a competitive advantage on its own. It’s vital to eliminate redundancies, automate processes, break down silos, and seamlessly integrate data platforms … and that's just the beginning.

All this requires a strategic, holistic approach to every bit of data your organization collects, stores, and analyzes. In other words, it requires enterprise data management (EDM).

How Can Primitive Logic Help?

Primitive Logic brings over 30 years of experience providing solutions for enterprise data management. We deliver full life-cycle services to help Fortune 500 clients plan, architect, and implement enterprise data management solutions for a wide range of industries, including financial services, high-tech/software, healthcare.

Our Approach

At Primitive Logic, our holistic and iterative approach is designed to enable enterprises to strengthen existing or develop new enterprise data management capabilities. These capabilities encompass people, process, technology, and data aspects, with a focus on five key areas:

  • 014 : Data Strategy : Captures stakeholders’ vision, requirements, and desired outcomes
  • 001 : Architecture : Encompasses both data and the underlying fit-for-purpose technology infrastructure required for operational deployment
  • 005 : Data Governance : Defines the operating model, policies, procedures, and standards as the mechanism for alignment among stakeholders
  • 008 : Data Privacy/Protection : Ensures secure storage, integration, and access of data
  • 002 : Data Roadmap/Implementation : Delivers a sustainable Data Management Program for the creation or improvement of data management capabilities
Real-Time Reporting for Real-Time Decisions
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Real-Time Reporting for Real-Time Decisions

Primitive Logic helped this financial services organization harness the power of their data by implementing a real-time reporting infrastructure.

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