Acquisition Technology Preparation

Prepare Your Technology Assets to Attract Buyers and Create Synergy

In preparing a business to be merged or acquired, assessment and alignment of your IT assets helps prevent surprises that could jeopardize the deal.


Companies rely on data so heavily that every business may be considered a “technology company” in some respect. As a result, technology is seeing increased scrutiny during mergers and acquisitions.

For companies preparing to be acquired or merged, technology assets play a vital role in determining how the business is valued — or whether the deal will take place at all. Some key areas for consideration include

  • Customer-facing websites
  • Enterprise software systems
  • CRM
  • Information security
  • Data management

For each of these areas, it’s important to determine whether it is scalable, flexible, reliable, and how easily it can be integrated with the acquiring company’s systems.

Why Is M&A Tech Prep Important?

In a merger or acquisition, one goal is to assess whether the companies’ technologies may integrate in a way that creates synergy and other business-related benefits. At a high level, you need to know which systems and capabilities are critical to realizing those benefits … and identify pitfalls that could jeopardize the deal.

How Primitive Logic Can Help

Because many transaction benefits rely heavily on IT systems and infrastructure, partnering with an experienced technology architecture and integration firm early in the M&A lifecycle is critical. For more than 30 years, Primitive Logic has been helping companies on all sides of M&A deals — buyers, sellers, and post-merger firms — with efficient, cost-effective strategies for merging multiple IT systems. We can also ensure solid enterprise data management, which can make your firm more attractive to potential buyers and increase your perceived value.

Our Approach

We follow a set of established, proven best practices developed from our 30+ years of enterprise architecture and systems integration, and we leverage that expertise to increase the value of your technology assets.

  • 013 : Evaluation : We review your data, cloud, application architecture, network and infrastructure, security, people, and IT service management processes, with an eye toward your firm’s perceived value for potential buyers.
  • 008 : Risk Assessment : We identify any pitfalls that could negatively affect your business valuation or jeopardize a deal.
  • 014 : Recommendations : We prioritize recommendations in order of importance to potential buyers.
  • 002 : Roadmap : We lay out a plan for making your technology acquisition-ready.
M&A Due Diligence for a Private Equity Firm
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M&A Due Diligence for a Private Equity Firm

Primitive Logic helped this private equity firm advise their client on an acquisition and to get a head start on the post-deal integration.

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