About Primitive Logic and Okta

Controlling access to your data is a vital step in improving your enterprise security and complying with data-focused regulations. At Primitive Logic, we are committed to helping you build and maintain secure connections between people and technology, which is why Okta has chosen us as their partner for identity access management solutions.

How Primitive Logic Can Help

As an authorized Okta Reseller and Service Partner, Primitive Logic empowers you to control data access among all your users, groups, and devices in one place. By gaining greater control over access, you can better protect your data’s integrity, reduce the risk of breaches, and facilitate compliance with data security regulations.

Why Primitive Logic?

For more than 30 years, Primitive Logic has been applying our deep architecture and industry expertise to help clients protect their data and comply with security regulations. We have successfully implemented Okta’s Active Directory and SSO for clients across the United States, enabling them to easily make their data available to the right users while protecting it from internal and external hazards. Our extensive experience with on-premise and cloud application integration ensures that these solutions work together seamlessly with each client’s existing architecture.

We Can Help

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