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Provides the premier platform for handling complex data integration, data analysis, and predictive automation for connected devices on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Purpose-built for the IIoT, Bit Stew’s MIx Core™ data intelligence platform solves the data integration challenge at scale for complex industrial data environments.

80% of data analytics project cost is associated with data integration– and of those projects 50% fail.

Data integration has become the Achilles heel of industrial organizations due to the proliferation of sensor devices and the complex data types they produce. Traditional methods just don’t offer the scale and efficiency to accommodate disparate IT and OT systems as well as numerous data formats, resolutions and times, putting a single view of operations out of reach.

Move Beyond Big Data with the MIx Core Platform

Bit Stew’s intelligent data management platform, MIx Core™, provides a comprehensive end-to-end approach to data integration that is purpose-built for the industrial internet, and can extract valuable intelligence 6x faster than traditional Extract Transform and Load (ETL) solutions. With the MIx Core platform and the new Data Management Workbench, Primitive Logic can help you develop a self-service experience for IT and OT professionals to quickly model, map and ingest data from disparate sources and then apply business rules and visualizations to solve business problems.

Automate Complex IIoT Data Management

MIx Core uses machine intelligence automate data management, creating relationships across your industrial data and speeding integration by applying schema to data as its ingested. An optimized NoSQL architecture and ability to dynamically adapt to sources as they come online allows you to ingest and integrate all your data.

MIx Core Features

Rapid Data Integration: Fast, dynamic, and intelligently automated data ingestion from all operational and enterprise systems

Machine Intelligence: Analytic ensembles utilize machine learning algorithms to create context, learn patterns, detect anomalies, and store new intelligence into MIx Core’s knowledge repository

Semantic Modelling: Intelligently automate integration to model and map your data enterprise-wide

Pluggable Architecture: The ‘pluggable’ nature of the MIx Core platform gives you the ability to slot in new repositories, new persistence methods, new access methods, and even new algorithms

Edge Analytics: No more data latency. Analytics applied to data from control systems at the edge to cloud environments

Dynamic Adapters: Regardless of whether a data source speaks a proprietary language or not, MIx Core is capable of integrating its data with a universal adapter

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