User Experience & Research

It all begins with an in-depth understanding of users: What they want, what they need, why it all matters to your business.

In today’s world, customers are “always on”. Understanding how digital has become an intrinsic part of their life provides insights that can inform and impact your business. New buying behaviors, channels and technologies require engaging, customer-centered experiences sustained by properly aligned sales and support channels. Companies are working hard to simplify digital experiences, and personalization is becoming more sophisticated with artificial intelligence and better access to data. Primitive Logic has 30 years of experience combining digital strategy, experience design, and technology to deliver innovative and effective customer focused solutions. We seamlessly integrate with your team to provide research-based insights and improve your overall digital experience. Our heritage with big data, application development, and systems integration combined with our experience design expertise make us uniquely qualified to deliver your seamless customer experience.

A large utility company wanted to redesign the user experience for its public website to build awareness and increase engagement while reducing overhead spent on facilitating customer feedback.

We redesigned the overall customer digital experience to provide a look and feel that is integrated and aligned with the brand guidelines and merged multiple sites together for a streamlined user experience. Additionally, we scrubbed or rewrote all of the content to follow new branding guidelines.

The new site greatly improved engagement and also enabled business users to author, edit, and publish web content quickly. It also streamlined the process of creating, managing, and publishing web content onto the site in real-time.

“We often forget that the Primitive Logic team is not part of our own in-house UX team: Their in-depth understanding of our business and of UX patterns and best practices have trained us to turn to them every time we need to update our digital experience.”

Saul RuizUser Experience and Research