Public Safety

Providing first responders and agencies with the tools and information they need, when they need them.
When coping with a crisis, every second counts and swift and easy access to critical information is vital. It can be difficult to measure success of public safety initiatives or even to see the entire picture to know what is working, what needs to change, and whether you are complying with regulations.

A major utility company needed to improve its interaction with community safety representatives while giving first responders a one-stop portal for critical safety information around utilities in the case of disaster.

We created a single integrated repository for public safety, awareness and outreach data, and management activities. We architected, designed, and implemented a First Responder Portal to provide gas pipeline and safety information so emergency workers can respond to incidents with as much knowledge of utilities infrastructure as possible.  We used a responsive design to support desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and we improved user experience I to be consistent with the latest brand and style guidelines.

This project was built with high availability to ensure the portal is ready when disaster strikes. The portal delivers automated communication to simplify key training and certification for community safety stakeholders and enables downloading of GIS and PDF pipe infrastructure maps as well as the ability to track who downloads them.

“Primitive Logic’s Public Safety solution has resulted in greater collaboration and information sharing and takes the guess work out of where we are against our key regulatory metrics”

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