M&A Tech Due Diligence

With mergers and acquisitions, knowledge is power. Get the benefit of our knowledge from our 30-years of large scale enterprise architecture and systems integration.

Strategic Technical Due Diligence for Successful M&A Transactions

The inherent complexity of today’s IT world makes having an effective merger or acquisition process vital. Whether you are acquiring intellectual property or merging for growth or to acquire a customer base – conducting proper technical due diligence will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Evaluating technology systems and the underlying architecture, infrastructure, and security will provide you with critical information on the cost to integrate with your environment.


Identifying Potential Risks

We follow a set of established, proven best practices developed from our 30+ years of enterprise architecture and systems integration. We leverage that expertise to identify potential risks that can have large hidden costs.

Our best practice approach centers around the following key activities:

  • Discovery: We review our technical due diligence assessment worksheets with you to identify appropriate assessment areas and gather the information needed to perform the assessment.
  • Analysis: We analyze the collected information to uncover issues that could lead to unexpected large costs with respect to integration, data, or security. We also work with you to understand which applications will still be used after the acquisition/merger has been completed, so we can determine how the IT solutions of both businesses interact with each other.
  • Recommendation and Estimation: We review all the information to provide our integration recommendations and a high level estimate of integration timelines and associated costs.


Choose Your Level of Diligence

We offer two tiers of services to choose from, both of which can be easily tailored to suit your particular needs.

  • Rapid Assessment: We rapidly assess the capabilities of the target organization and determine the technology and process fit between the primary and target organizations. We provide these results in a clear and concise assessment report.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Our in-depth assessment level adds a review of your data, cloud, and application architecture, network and infrastructure, security, and people and IT service management processes. We then create an executive level presentation outlining the risks, recommendations, integration or remediation cost estimates, and timeline to address our findings.

Before a major acquisition, a grocery retailer wanted to assess its application and infrastructure security and that of the potential acquisition target to determine how easy it would be to integrate the two entities.

When the retailer turned to us for help, we worked with their IT team to analyze the applications, infrastructure and security of both parties. In doing so, we were able to quickly identify high risk security areas as well as several potential integration and performance concerns. We then developed recommendations along with a cost estimate, roadmap, and plan to address these issues.

After the acquisition, we were retained to lead the integration effort, deliver revamped processes, and address the security issues. We worked collaboratively with the newly combined IT team to document the new processes, infrastructure, and security to ensure that they can maintain and support everything with ease.


High-Quality Results—Fast

Every company depends on technology to enable its business, and the risk of overlooking potential technology pitfalls in a merger or acquisition process could be more costly than the traditional financial and legal risks. We are uniquely qualified to perform your technical due diligence – not only do we have the tools and processes developed over decades of enterprise architecture and systems integration, but also we staff our engagements with our most senior technical resources, who continue to be hands-on architecting and implementing complex large scale systems. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you facilitate your technical due diligence process.

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