The Industrial Internet of Things is opening a world of new opportunities for businesses looking to provide innovative solutions for their customers by turning data into usable information.

Industrial Advances Hinge On IIoT Smart Devices

Connecting to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a chance to open up new opportunities for your business and your customers. IIoT capable devices and sensors give you the tools you need to predict potential hardware problems and resolve them remotely to keep business operations running smoothly with more uptime. By allowing your business to collect new data (or data that was previously inaccessible) and analyze that data more effectively and efficiently, IIoT “smart” devices help you improve your customer experience by providing you with deeper insight into the way industrial assets are performing. The availability of industrial device data and analytics can also provide the ability to launch new products and services that allows businesses to differentiate themselves and leapfrog their competition.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face in IIoT is knowing where to start—that’s where we come in. We will help you shape your ideas into actionable plans, and then successfully turn those plans into realities.

Steps to Success

We help your business get ahead of the IIoT learning curve by improving both internal data management and communications and the end user experience for your customers. We work with you to identify the key business objectives that drive your company, and use these objectives to develop a road-map of your planned IIoT journey. We create a portfolio of initial projects, including defined scopes and success metrics, in order to ensure that your business is aligned with your overall plan.

Together, we’ll assess what data you need to collect and prioritize data gathering from your device assets. This leads to a greater business impact from the start, as data residing on devices that were not easily accessible can now readily send the vital information your business needs. Our integrated teams with digital strategy, experience design and systems integration technical expertise can implement an all-encompassing management tool to provide an easy way to manage all aspects of your IIoT devices from a simple management console—including alert management, reporting, and remote controls. This allows you to view and track data analytics and trending patterns.

Working with our IIoT partners AMI Global and Bit Stew/GE Digital and leveraging our 30 years of systems integration, information management, and experience design expertise, we are uniquely positioned to incorporate data from all of these devices and to design and implement compelling IIoT solutions that deliver significant business value and actionable insights.

Our approach is centered around four steps.

  • Goals: First we listen. This allows us to better understand your business goals for your data collection efforts.
  • Capabilities: Next we identify the key processes, sensors, and other data sources that will be integrated into your new, IIoT-connected environment.
  • Road-mapping: Then we develop a long-term road-map that aligns with your business goals and objectives. We help you prioritize your devices based on your business needs and develop a step-by-step plan for achieving set goals that will allow you to track your progress with ease while gaining incremental business value along the way.
  • Implementation: Finally, we leverage our implementation and integration heritage and our knowledge of big data to quickly implement solutions to deliver immediate value, to start you on the path towards your ideal end-state.

We know your time is valuable, which is why we provide you with top-quality results quickly out of the gate, taking an incremental approach to planning and implementation to ensure that you achieve early success and on-going business value.

A large parking company recently took their first steps into the world of IIoT. The client saw an opportunity to radically increase lot occupancy and customer satisfaction without increasing the workforce or number of attendants for each lot, and reached out to us to help.

We worked with them to implement a system of intelligent sensors which fed data into a centralized system. From there, our client was able to remotely monitor parking inventory levels to improve parking space utilization by 40%. Thanks to their new alert system that we implemented, they are able to resolve customer issues in the parking garage quickly, easily, and in most cases remotely—much to their customers’ satisfaction.

The Time For IIoT Is Today

When improving data gathering and analysis is a priority, adding IIoT capabilities to your devices provides the best experience possible for your customers and can help you stay ahead of your competition. We work closely with you to understand your unique situation and requirements in order to craft the most effective and efficient IIoT solutions for your business. Whether you already have an IIoT strategy in place and need guidance to accelerate the achievement of the planned business benefits or are just now taking your first steps, we’ve got the expertise and the creativity to help you make it happen—contact us today to get started.

Saul RuizIIOT