Cloud Data Integration

The right architecture efficiently moves data through cloud and on-premise applications to create tremendous business advantages.

Smooth Sailing with Cloud Data Integration

As cloud technologies mature, your ability to move complex data and processes into the cloud improves. This enables your business to integrate applications and data to gain immediate efficiencies while also enjoying enhanced information management.

An appropriate application and data architecture that can support on-site, cloud, and hybrid solutions will help bring costs under control, whether they are licensing, storage, integration, or bandwidth related. Additionally, a business-aligned cloud architecture increases scalability and re-usability. This, in turn, makes life easier for your employees, and improves your ability to meet the evolving needs of your business.

We understand the complexities of dividing application functionality into various cloud and on-premises solutions as well as the implications from a data management and integration perspective. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and bringing in key industry partners to complement our own cloud data integration and enterprise architecture experience, we help you create an efficient integration process.

The Avenue to Integration

We will design and build an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas), that you can use to seamlessly integrate data stores and services in the cloud, on-premise or across both environments. This powerful integration platform allows you to quickly drive, develop and deploy integration solutions that are customized to your needs.

Immediate benefits include:

  • Data flow improvements: Our process improves the flow of data to bring you near real-time response to business data needs. We equip you with high-quality integration and data management tools so you can easily adjust how your data moves in order to stay current with changing business needs.
  • Data quality improvements: We improve your data quality using advanced data management services that cleanse, consolidate and synchronize your business data across data sources and systems.
  • Seamless interoperability: We collaborate with your team to make sure that your local data assets and cloud data assets work well together. Additionally, you get the benefit of using a robust, always on, shared environment that saves you the headaches of patching and system maintenance.
  • Full data accessibility: We give you complete control of business data to meet your ever-evolving business needs. This makes your data fluid and more readily accessible without sacrificing response time or data security.
  • Subscription model pricing: Subscription model pricing reduces development, hardware, and maintenance costs, thus increasing your ROI.

One of our Fortune 500 clients was gearing up for an enterprise Salesforce migration when it hit a major obstacle. Test migration runs of millions of records were taking too long, and their actual migration involved billions of records and millions of documents. We were brought in to help them re-think their architecture and data migration strategy.

We combined our expertise from our 30 years of expertise of processing high volumes of data for the largest corporations in the world with our knowledge of the current technology trends to  re-architect the data migration solution. We brought in new tools to perform the extracts and transforms and created new scripts that could launch multiple data loaders in parallel and split larger files into smaller files.  We improved every aspect of the data migration process so much that we were able to migrate more than 20 million records per hour for several objects. The migration process finished with time to spare and was a huge success for our client.

High-Quality, In-Depth Solutions

More than just moving data around, data integration is about proper data management in support of accurate transactional data sets and enterprise data analytics, whether in-flight or at-rest, and regardless of the data being stored in the cloud or stored locally. We pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions that are tailored to fit your business’s needs.

Because we’re committed to your long-term success in addition to solving your immediate needs, we make sure to involve your team in every step of the integration process, and leave you in a position to evolve with ease as your business grows. cloud-data-integration

The Path to Successful Integration

We deliver multi-functional cloud data management using proven technologies that make data management a breeze. Our award-winning solutions and partnerships with cloud industry leaders make us your go-to team for cloud data integration—contact us today to learn more about how we can support your mindful integration process.

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