Product Information Management: Building a “CRM for Products”

Product Information Management: Building a “CRM for Products”

When enterprises implement master data management (MDM) solutions, they typically prioritize their customer data, and rightly so. Customers are the life’s blood of the organization, and given the need to comply with data privacy regulations such as the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, it makes sense to assign customer data top priority. Today many businesses recognize that applying the same strategic principles to product information — creating the equivalent of a “CRM for products” — can yield numerous advantages, particularly to their sales and marketing teams.

On July 26, Primitive Logic will co-present the webinar “Shift Happens! Future-Proof Your Business by Becoming Product-Centric,” where our partners at Inxeption will join us to explore the benefits of creating a single source of truth for products by implementing a product information management (PIM) solution.

In many organizations, especially those selling B2B, product information is scattered across an array of spreadsheets, PDFs, local databases, ERP systems, and other sources. For sales and marketing teams, tracking down this information can be a time-consuming challenge, with little assurance that what they find will be current or accurate.

Implementing a PIM solution allows the enterprise to have a single record for each product featuring the most current details and to enter new products and edit existing product information in a single place, which ensures that the product information on their e-commerce platforms is complete, current, and accurate.

To learn more about PIM and how it supports sales, marketing, and e-commerce, register today for “Shift Happens! Future-Proof Your Business by Becoming Product-Centric.”

Kevin Moos, July 2018