Making GDPR Training “Stick” with Gamification (Webinar Replay)


Now that the GDPR is in force, chances are your staff has received the training they need to keep your organization in line with the new requirements. Can you be certain that they’ll know what to do if, say, a customer calls to exercise her right to be forgotten under the GDPR … six months from now?

GDPR Training: Why Reinforcement Is Important

In Primitive Logic’s most recent webinar, “Game On! Gamification: How to Make GDPR Training Fun… and Effective,” our partners from Ringorang joined us in exploring how gamification fills the GDPR training gap by helping employees use what they learn to develop new habits that “stick.”

How Training Works

Once an employee attends GDPR training, how long do they retain the information? Believe it or not, research shows that people start forgetting what they learned almost immediately after the training ends:

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

According to the “forgetting curve,” based on research by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, within one month after training, most people forget about 80 percent of the material they learned.

The best remedy for the forgetting curve in your GDPR training program is regular reinforcement, and that’s where gamification comes in.

Enter Gamification

Traditionally, organizations have attempted to reinforce training with emails, e-learning, and playbooks, with mixed results. By leveraging gamification, businesses can reinforce GDPR training on a daily basis, in a format that’s fun and engaging for employees. Training games take less than 4 minutes a day, and because they’re non-intrusive, they won’t conflict with meetings or other obligations.

Benefits of Gamification for GDPR Training Reinforcement

When it comes to GDPR training, the real goal isn’t delivering information — it’s changing behaviors, and that’s where daily reinforcement through gamification delivers.

To see for yourself how gamification reinforces learning, you can play Primitive Logic’s GDPR Training Game on Ringorang’s MicroLearner app. Click here for instructions and download links for PC, Android, and iOS, and remember to enter the invite code PLDEMO when requested.

If you weren’t able to join us for the live webinar, we invite you to check out the replay at the top of this page, or you can view it on our BrightTALK channel.

Ethan Silvers, August 2018