How Product Information Management (PIM) Fuels Sales and Marketing Success (Webinar Replay)

In many organizations, product information is scattered across an array of one-off spreadsheets, databases, supplier materials, brochures, and flyers, creating inefficiencies that can frustrate buyers as well as internal sales and marketing teams. In our most recent webinar, “Shift Happens! Future-Proof Your Business by Becoming a Product-Centric Organization,” our partners from Inxeption joined us to explore how a product information management (PIM) platform can help businesses create a single source of truth for product data and integrate it with sales and marketing channels.

Shifting to a Product-Centric Strategy

When product information is located in silos across the organization, sales and marketing teams must hunt around for the data they need to do their jobs … and even when they find it, they have little assurance of its accuracy.

By implementing a PIM platform, organizations can automatically pull data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth for each product, giving all areas of the organization instant access to the most current, accurate product information:

Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM in Action: A Case Study

Primitive Logic recently worked with a large healthcare enterprise that had been losing customers due to an inefficient online experience. Customers often became frustrated trying to place orders online, driving many to order by phone (thus increasing our client’s call center volume) or to switch to a competitor.

Product information management (PIM) case study in healthcare

By working with our client to implement a central hub for product information and integrate it with existing systems, including their e-commerce platform, we helped them achieve measurable results:

Product information management (PIM) case study in healthcare - results

To learn more about how PIM can help you drive sales and marketing results by creating a single source of truth for product data, view the webinar above or watch it on our BrightTALK channel.

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Kevin Moos, July 2018