“Words of the Year” for 2019

Words of the Year 2019
To kick off 2019, we asked Primitive Logic team members to tell us their “words of the year” — words that represent their focus for the 12 months to come. Here’s what they had to share:

Yanni: “Attitude”

“The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) I want to carry and spread a positive attitude all year around so I can keep myself motivated to learn, care, and love!

Kina: “JOMO”

(Joy Of Missing Out) As an introvert (surprise, surprise!), it’s sometimes a battle between catching-up with friends or taking the time for me. I love being around great people, but I also love being around ME and basking in what I like to call IRT (introvert recovery time). I have a few areas I would like to focus on this year — exploring, creating, and maintaining a healthy body and mind — and while I’m doing those things, there may be times I need to take a raincheck on something else, which means I’ll be basking in JOMO all the while taking the time for me to be a better colleague, friend, sister, and partner!

Lydia: “Abundance”

Taking a positive mindset of what I want to attract, with a foundation of abundance to health, happiness, wealth, love, prospective clients for Primitive Logic, and success!

Mary Beth: “Foundation”

This year I am going to focus on shoring up the foundations of my life and clearing out junk that doesn’t serve any purpose.

Liz: “Authenticity”

For me, authenticity means belonging deeply to yourself first. This way you can have deep and satisfying connections with others, with your work, and with your dreams!

Anisha: “Adventure”

My childhood was filled with wonder, curiosity, and learning. When I discovered the world of consulting, it appealed to me because of its inherent ability to provide access to continual learning — new technologies, new processes, new clients, new team members, and new problems to solve. As we continue to evolve and grow, the journey ahead is our ongoing ADVENTURE.

Sarah: “Calm”

Griselle: “Tenacious”

I want to get a good grip of my role/position at Primitive Logic as well as getting a good grip on balancing school with the rest of life’s branches.

Ragini: “Share”

Be kind and share knowledge, experiences, feedback, and sweet treats with friends and colleagues!

Kalvin: “Purpose”

Complete all actions with purpose. When we do things with purpose, we seem to be less focused on negative chatter that enters our minds, and purpose provides us a focus to channel our positive energy towards.

Mark: “TOIL”

Teamwork, Ownership, Initiative, and Leadership

Ethan: “Enjoy”

Enjoy life. Enjoy work. Figure out what you like and do more of it.

Rachel: “Silence”

Recently I’ve become aware of the deluge of noise in my environment — not just auditory noise, but also notifications on my phone, popup alerts on my computer, even clutter on my desk. In 2019 my goal is to turn down the noise and spend a few minutes each day in total silence (hoping the dogs will cooperate :-)).

Thanks for sharing your words for 2019, everybody, and here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous year for all of us!