Women at Primitive Logic

Since our founding in 1984, Primitive Logic has been a place where women can thrive, excel, and enjoy a seat at the table with the full support of their colleagues. Today women make up half of our leadership team and 40 percent of our total staff.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked the women of Primitive Logic to share what brought them to the company, what they love about consulting, and what unique gifts they contribute to their teams. Here are a few of their stories:


I decided to join Primitive Logic full time because I was extremely impressed with how smart all my Primitive Logic team members were, and most importantly, I really enjoyed working with them, and I liked the direction the company was going in.

To me, consulting is as challenging as it is rewarding. It has really helped me grow as a designer, because consulting is not just about doing the work as per my role, but it’s also about building, navigating, and maintaining relationships with the client.

As a designer with development experience, I help bridge the gap between designs and technologies. My understanding of both fields helps me create designs that can be implemented successfully without sacrificing user interface designs or the user experience.


What first interested me about Primitive Logic was the people. From my first interview to today, I have enjoyed talking to and working with everyone at the company. Every day I get to support my team with my energy, spirit of teamwork, coordination, support, willingness to get in the weeds, quick learning, and a positive attitude.

Consulting is all about solving problems. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved problem solving, and I am so fortunate that I get to do it every day. I also love that I have the opportunity to learn new skills on every project!

Mary Beth

When I came to Primitive Logic, I was looking to work with a strong team and develop relationships with clients built on partnership, not transactions. I wanted to take up opportunities where I can stretch my skills through new challenges while being supported by my team.

As a delivery manager, it’s my responsibility to understand my team’s strengths and how to best leverage those to maximize the contribution Primitive Logic makes for our clients. Sometimes that means drawing out latent capabilities of a team member, carving out new opportunities for them to apply their talents … or disrupting the status quo by approaching a solution in an unconventional way.

As a consultant, you are constantly drawing on your outsider status, bringing to bear the breadth and depth of your experience to deliver what is needed. The work is always interesting, since each client brings with it a unique set of opportunities and challenges to resolve.


A few things brought me to Primitive Logic, but the number one reason was the culture. I’ve spent a majority of my career at bigger consulting firms, where the norm was to be competitive with you peers and sell whatever you could to your clients, no matter the lack of value it brought, and that just wasn’t what I was looking for in my next opportunity. I wanted an environment where team members would support each other to succeed together, and not just for the advancement of the individual, and that is what I found in Primitive Logic. The support for one another is something that is a differentiator in my book.

What do I love about consulting? The diversity of challenges to solve for clients. Diversity of the job and my own curiosity make for opportunities to learn something new about an industry, a line of business, the people involved, and the problems they are facing. It’s dynamic, and I always come out of a project having learned something new.

I have perceptions of myself and I wanted to take this opportunity to know what others had experienced when working with me. The common response I received is that I’m a good listener with an ability to connect with people. I find this to be true and these qualities, paired with an awareness of team dynamics, allows me to bring organizational insights to my teams, form close partnerships with team members and clients, and navigate effectively to achieve team and project success. I’ll also add that I received the following as something I bring to my team: “Sarcasm and a witty sense of humor…” I don’t agree with this comment at all ????


I was drawn to Primitive Logic because I liked the idea of working on enterprise-wide projects with large clients, but still enjoying the culture of a small, agile company. Meeting my future peers during the interview process sealed the deal for me, because it is the quality of the people that make a company stand out, and Primitive Logic has great ambassadors!

Consulting offers me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with different clients and across different industries, and I also have the chance to contribute my positive attitude, team spirit, analytical mind, critical eye of a tester, and business translations — plus sweets and surprises.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with statistics and data. I joined Primitive Logic because I wanted to contribute my expertise and knowledge to help companies develop their products and improve their services.

What I love about consulting is the ability to teach clients how to think about and approach data in a way that helps them make use of it. We show them how to use sophisticated data processing and transformation tools to tell a story that reveals their data’s value and relevance.

By performing data acquisition and developing user insights, I drive recommendations that can shape the client’s product and maximize its value.


I’ve always enjoyed understanding how people do their jobs and figuring out ways to make their lives easier. I was attracted to consulting because I liked the idea of jumping into projects, learning new skills, and exploring new industries. Add to that the amazing and talented people I’ve worked with through the years, both at Primitive Logic and at our clients.

I came to Primitive Logic as a second career after graduate school. Business and technology consulting was certainly a change after a fine arts auction house!

Getting to the heart of the matter is a skill I bring to my team. Creating diagrams helps us understand all the issues with the current state, helps to define goals, and leads to creative solution designs.


Primitive Logic is the perfect fit for me, both professionally and at a personal level. I went from a company with thousands of employees to a smaller company, and at the time I had no idea what a blessing that would be. I am no longer just a number in the system. Having the ability to talk to upper management without jumping through hoops and enduring long waits is a big plus.

Besides sharing stories and laughter, I bring to the Primitive Logic team my ability to adapt to change and learn new technologies quickly. I love bringing solutions to the client and giving them different options. Even during tough personal moments, I make sure I can deliver, and if not, I make sure my team is aware of my struggles and we work out a solution together.

I came to Primitive Logic as the result of an almost random experience. A friend and I had posted our resumes online and while I was at his house, he got a voicemail from Primitive Logic. After he called them back, he told me, “You should call this company — it sounds like the perfect fit for you.” My friend was right! Thirteen years later, I am still here. I still remember being on the beach in Maui having a call with Kevin about my joining Primitive Logic, and it seems like it was yesterday.

What do I love about consulting? Three things come to mind: (1) the opportunity to work with different companies using different technologies, (2) meeting new people from whom I can learn and grow in my career, many of whom become friends, and (3) I don’t have to compete with other Primitive Logic employees. In larger companies, management needs to know who you are in order to advance in your career, and sometimes it’s hard to network and gain exposure to multiple teams.


What attracted me to Primitive Logic was the opportunity to take part in shaping my role within a collaborative, supportive environment. I was struck by the spirit of open-mindedness and willingness to listen to new ideas. The fact that Primitive Logic is a woman-owned business is also important to me.

I love creating ideas that drive awareness and brand-building through marketing automation and social platforms that support lead generation. I enjoy being able to reach out and collaborate with different people, utilizing different resources and media that ultimately lead to greater interest in the company, new conversations, and new opportunities for Primitive Logic.

Every day I get to bring to my team a positive mindset, commitment, dedication, willingness to try new things, and innovative ideas for spreading awareness about Primitive Logic.


What I love most about working at Primitive Logic is the diversity of what we do — from digital business strategy to digital marketing to regulatory compliance. There’s always something new to learn, and the business environment is always changing. That means I’m constantly challenged to stay on top of the latest developments in all areas in which we work. For me, that’s part of the fun!

After having been on my own for several years, I found myself yearning to be part of a team, to work side-by-side with brilliant colleagues from different backgrounds in pursuit of a specific goal. Since I’ve always loved technology (so much so that I married a developer!), I was thrilled when Primitive Logic offered me the chance to join their family and contribute my writing and content strategy skills to their mission.

I bring to my team equal parts “left brain” and “right brain” — left brain to understand the technology and present ideas in an ordered, logical way, and right brain to infuse creativity in everything I do. People don’t just engage with content to be informed — they want to have an enjoyable experience. It’s my mission to satisfy them on both counts.