Sharing Our Green Stories for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, we asked Primitive Logic team members to share their “green” practices to help protect the environment at home, and work, and while they’re out and about. Here are some of their stories.

“Compost, Compost, Compost! Also we’ve implemented the cistern at home, since our water heater is not in a warm place and far away from our kitchen sink. We collect the cold water while the water is heating up and reuse it in our tea kettle or for watering plants. Run errands by bike! I have a car, but it’s definitely not my preferred method of getting around town. Berkeley is so bike-friendly, so we are constantly riding around getting things done. We do have the motion detector lights as well.” – Kina

“Using LED lights in living, dining rooms and kitchen. Recycling plastic bottles. Using reusable bags at grocery store.” – Abhilash

“We only have 1 car. I use public transportation whenever possible. We avoid buying anything that is ‘overpackaged.’ I am replacing my lawn with a very ‘deserty’ looking landscape. Recycle as much as possible (I spend quite a while separating recyclables in our garbage). Installed motion sensitive lighting in 2 rooms. Use energy efficient lightbulbs. I am VERY conscious about my electricity use (having worked at CAISO really showed me how much energy can be saved if we all try). We recycle our electronics via e-waste days (not cheap, but the expense is also a tax deduction). Just being conscious not just about my carbon footprint, but also our resource usage (water!).” – Ernesto

“Shopping at thrift stores. Apparel is a fairly dirty business, but I can shake the urge to go shopping and refresh the day-to-day wardrobe. This is a good alternative.” – MaryBeth

“I grew up with post-war European parents heavily focused on ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ where items were fixed or turned into something else rather than thrown away (still have next to no garbage), where we grew our fruits and vegetables, then composted, where we bought in bulk with washable bags, reduced packaging, stored in glass/stoneware, washed/dried/reused plastic bags, where we rode our bikes everywhere, and essentially where we always tried to tread lightly on the earth.” – Anisha

“I use the permanent filter for my K-Cup brewer instead of disposable pods. With all the coffee I drink, that saves a lot of waste!” – Rachel

“Planting drought tolerant gardens and helping plant more trees in the community. I am so proud to work for a company that, from the top down has a genuine interest in our environment. This has always been my #1 issue, because we only have one mother ????! Mars is just not that appealing.” – Lydia

Thank you for doing your part to support Mother Earth, team — not just on Earth Day, but all year long!