Meeting the Demands of Rapid Growth

Evolving from Small Startup to High-Performance Public Company

Primitive Logic helped this high-tech manufacturer and retailer build IT systems and processes to support rapid growth and to prepare for an IPO.


This high-tech manufacturer and retailer was experiencing rapid growth, and their existing IT systems could not keep up with the escalating demand for their products. They needed immediate tactical help, and they needed an IT strategy to prepare them for continued growth. That’s why they contacted Primitive Logic.

The Challenge

As a startup, our client had introduced an innovative product that the market had never seen before, and demand was rapidly growing. They were experiencing quality issues in manufacturing, and their IT systems and processes were slowing them down:

  • The already large backlog of system issues from sales, customer support, and distribution/warehouse operations kept growing.
  • Poor documentation and lack of standardized procedures caused mistakes and re-work.
  • Inventory issues resulted in stock-outs and late shipments.
  • Inaccurate data hampered their ability to plan strategically.
  • Siloed departments didn’t communicate with each other.

With their reputation on the line due to quality issues and the inability to satisfy the demands of their customers, the client brought in Primitive Logic to solve their immediate problems and create and implement an IT strategy capable of serving the needs of a fast-growing company.

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

One of Primitive Logic’s technology partners referred us to this client to help fix their ERP/CRM system. The partner knew the extent to which the client was capable of growing, and they knew Primitive Logic was the best delivery partner for the task. They referred us over their own professional services team because they knew the client’s problems were bigger than just the system issues.

The Results

Primitive Logic quickly solved the client’s most critical problems and worked down their backlog of system issues. In parallel, we worked with all their lines of business to understand their business strategy and needs, and we created an IT strategy with a prioritized roadmap to enable IT to support the company’s impressive growth. Our team designed and implemented an architecture and integrated systems to

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between departments
  • Eliminate inventory issues by providing a single and accurate view of the data regarding orders, inventory, customers, and retail partners
  • Reduce errors by replacing manual processes with automated digital solutions
  • Support the business as it continued to grow

After we had addressed the client’s immediate problems, they continued to grow and eventually made the decision to go public. Preparing for an IPO requires meeting an array of regulatory requirements, and Primitive Logic’s proven expertise in the compliance field enabled us to help our client put the required pieces in place.

Our client’s IPO was successful, and today they have the systems in place to support high levels of demand while maintaining their reputation for high quality. By the time the project finished, they had achieved $1 billion in annual revenues in addition to going public, and their IT systems and processes are prepared to support further growth in the years to come.

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