M&A Due Diligence for a Private Equity Firm

A Private Equity Firm Gains the Intelligence to Inform a Client’s Acquisition

Primitive Logic helped this private equity firm advise their client on an acquisition and to get a head start on the post-deal integration.


A private equity firm was advising a client on a proposed acquisition, and they needed due diligence on the target’s technology to make an informed recommendation. That’s why they called Primitive Logic.

The Challenge

The firm’s client was considering a major acquisition. From a business point of view, the deal made sense, and the firm knew that the sooner both companies’ technologies could be integrated, the sooner the combined entity would start generating business value. They also knew that if integration costs were prohibitively high, the deal could end up costing their client more than the value of the acquisition.

The firm contacted Primitive Logic to review both companies’ systems, security, and infrastructure to answer three key questions:

  • “Are there any ‘red flags’ in the target’s technology environment that could put the deal at risk?”
  • “What will it cost to integrate the two companies’ technologies?”
  • “If we do decide to move forward, how can we get a head start on technology integration to start realizing business value quickly from the new entity?”

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

This client was familiar with Primitive Logic’s extensive background in technical M&A deals, encompassing both pre-deal due diligence and post-deal rationalization. Because they needed a highly experienced team that could be deployed immediately and move quickly to meet their timelines, they called us.

The Results

The Primitive Logic team executed a comprehensive due diligence on both companies’ systems — including security, infrastructure, financial applications, CRM, and others — and delivered the information the equity firm needed to advise their client on whether to move forward.

We reviewed each instance of duplicated systems to determine the best approach to integrate or eliminate. In some cases, it made sense to sunset one of the two systems and merge the data and processes into one application; in others, it was more efficient and cost-effective to leave both systems in place and integrate the data. We developed and implemented an integration strategy to deliver business value from the combined equity quickly and efficiently.

When the project was complete, the firm’s client had made a smooth transition and was able to function as a cohesive company that presented a single brand to customers and delivered enhanced benefits.

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