Leveraging IIoT to Reduce Maintenance Costs

How IIoT Data Helps Our Client Lower Labor Costs and Improve Reliability

Primitive Logic helped this client leverage IIoT devices to reduce the need for on-site maintenance, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


A nationwide service provider knew that they needed to reduce maintenance labor costs and improve the reliability of their products. They were exploring the idea of using industrial internet of things (IIoT)–enabled devices and needed help figuring out how to get started. That’s when they contacted Primitive Logic.

The Challenge

Our client had taken a reactive approach to maintenance issues in their network of facilities. When an error was generated by a sensor or a programmable logic controller (PLC), they sent a technician to the site to investigate and resolve the issue. Each technician visit incurred a cost to the company, and their data showed that 80 percent of these issues could be resolved remotely by one of their operators.

The company also wanted to begin leveraging data from their facilities as a strategic asset. They had built their reputation as an innovator in the industry, and they knew that making better use of their data would keep them ahead of their competitors.

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

This client came to know Primitive Logic through our technology partner AMI Global, who manufactures IIoT devices. Our partners at AMI knew that our long-standing relationship with them and with GE Digital, in addition to our deep experience in IIoT and data visualization, made us the ideal choice for this project.

The Results

Primitive Logic worked with AMI to install IIoT devices; then we built a GE Digital workbench that allows our client to receive error notifications via email and SMS and make informed decisions on how to address each problem. We also built a remote keypad application that allows them to address issues without the need for on-site human intervention. As a result, our client reduced the costs associated with dispatching technicians by 80 percent.

We also used the data from their IIoT devices to monitor machine failures and perform predictive analysis, enabling our client to take preventive action before a failure occurs. They can now take a more proactive approach to maintenance, resulting in decreased costs and improved reliability.

By resolving problems quickly and offering more dependable service, our client was able to increase satisfaction among their existing customers. Because they had the data to back up their claims of reliability, they also had a strong selling point to differentiate themselves from the competition and to drive new business.

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