Creating a Single Source of Truth

A Technology Client Gains a 360-Degree View of Their Customers

"This important and fundamental application will allow us to have a single view of all customer information. We will build on this to improve our own efficiencies as well as provide a higher level of customer support." – Client’s CIO

Primitive Logic helped this technology client facilitate upselling by implementing a single source of truth for all customer, product, and contract data.


A major B2B software provider came to Primitive Logic to consolidate its data on customers, products, and contracts, creating a single source of truth capable of supporting its sales and account service operations.

The Challenge

The client had experienced a rapid period of growth, and its systems and processes could not keep up with the business demand. Vital client information was spread out across more than 15 different systems, causing the client to miss out on revenue-generating opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products. Their systems were plagued with redundant, inconsistent information and data integrity problems, all of which bogged down sales and customer service processes, preventing further business growth.

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

This client had worked with Primitive Logic on multiple projects at a previous company. When this need arose, they chose us because they they knew from first-hand experience that

  • We deliver exceptional value by providing small teams of highly experienced people, and
  • We always deliver on time and on budget.

The Results

The Primitive Logic team built a scalable, extensible and mobile-friendly Customer Information Exchange system tailored specifically to the client's needs.

  • We rationalized and cleaned the data, integrated their systems, and implemented master data management around products, customers, and licenses to create a single source of truth.
  • We provided sales reps with mobile access to the platform, allowing them to access up-to-the minute customer and product information during sales calls.
  • We enabled customer support reps to instantly pull up comprehensive, accurate customer information, including a list products the customer had purchased, in order to provide better customer service.

Sales and support teams now have a single view of all customer, product, and license information, resulting in improved efficiencies, a high level of customer support, and improved ability to capitalize on upselling opportunities.

After the project was complete, the client’s CEO called out Primitive Logic at their annual conference for the key role we played in helping them solve multiple business problems.

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