Centralizing Custom Application Development

Healthcare Enterprise Consolidates Custom App Development on a Single Platform

Primitive Logic helped this large healthcare enterprise to centralize custom application developments to reduce costs and standardize their user experience.


A Fortune 50 healthcare services company knew that they needed to consolidate internal capabilities for custom application development. Each business unit was developing its own applications, resulting in redundancies, inconsistencies, and high development costs. That’s why the client contacted Primitive Logic.

The Challenge

Our client’s organization encompasses numerous geographically dispersed business units, each of which worked autonomously to create their own custom applications. These applications lacked consistency, both in their processes and in their “look and feel.” Inconsistent coding and a lack of shared resources led to redundancies and duplicated efforts, which increased costs and decreased IT productivity.

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

Primitive Logic had been working with this client for many years and had completed more than 50 successful projects for them. Given the history of our relationship, the client knew we were the best company to handle this challenge.

The Results

Primitive Logic built a custom application development and runtime platform as a private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and implemented a suite of DevOps tools for environment provisioning, configuration management, and application build/deployment. We also helped our client build a centralized “enablement team” that would be in charge of all custom application development going forward.

The standardized PaaS offers greater efficiency due to its pre-integrated suite of development and runtime software, templates, and starter components, all optimized for consistent and speedy application development.

As a result of this project, the business units' relationship with corporate improved, strengthening IT's role as a value-added service provider and strategic partner. Our client has a standardized look-and-feel in all applications and established a foundational technical architecture while reducing development costs across the enterprise.

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