Building a Strong Digital Brand

We built a digital strategy to help this utility company optimize their online experience

Our client now offers customers a consistent, engaging online experience that keeps them coming back again and again.


When a large utility company needed to strengthen their online brand and personalize their customer experience, they contacted Primitive Logic.

The Challenge

An array of outdated digital assets, inconsistent branding, and impersonal messaging were preventing our client from having an effective digital brand. Customers found the company’s collection of disparate websites confusing, and few engaged with the brand beyond one-off transactions. Our client’s call center received a large volume of calls from customers who either were not aware of online self-service options or didn’t know where to look for assistance on the website, which drove up customer support costs.

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

The client chose to work with Primitive Logic because of our proven ability to integrate digital strategy, experience design, and technology expertise in creating effective solutions. The leadership team believed that our mindful approach to digital transformation, combined with the breadth and depth of experience in our creative and technical teams, made us the ideal choice for this project.

The Solution

Primitive Logic conducted a current state assessment in which we reviewed the company’s existing digital footprint and researched their customer base. Using the results of our research, we built detailed customer personas that reach beyond demographics to incorporate motivators and concerns, technographics, media consumption, and energy usage habits.

We worked with our client to develop an end-to-end solution involving

  • Digital Strategy: We clarified our client’s digital objectives and built an iteration model designed to achieve their specific goals.
  • Visual Rebranding: We created a strong visual brand emphasizing the real-life benefits of our client’s products using warm colors and people-focused photography.
  • Content Strategy: We developed messaging guidelines that call for clear, easy-to-understand language and a friendly, engaging tone.
  • Information Architecture: We optimized the architecture of our client’s online assets to streamline the user experience.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: We delivered responsive sites that improve the user experience across smartphone, tablet, and desktop browsers.
  • Storytelling: We highlighted the company’s rich history by creating a timeline page that uses vivid photography to bring their heritage to life.

With a mindful digital strategy in hand, this organization now offers customers an efficient, consistent, and engaging online experience and presents a strong, unified digital brand.

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