Accelerating M&A Business Value

A Retail Enterprise Accelerates Business Results from an Acquisition

Primitive Logic helped this retail client accelerate the business results from an acquisition by optimizing the integration process.


When this large retail chain decided to acquire another retailer, it was imperative that they integrate the IT systems, data, and processes as quickly as possible to accelerate the business results from the deal. That’s why they contacted Primitive Logic.

The Challenge

Our client had acquired another retailer to expand into a new territory. With competition increasing and new competitors challenging for market share, it was essential that they realize IT efficiencies as quickly as possible, which required a rapid integration of the two organizations’ systems and processes.

Primitive Logic completed a quick technology inventory to uncover numerous redundant systems, including order processing, content management, human resources, and CRM, just to name a few. The two companies also had completely different technical architectures and integration platforms. Every day this scenario was allowed to continue was another day of delayed benefits from the acquisition.

Why They Chose Primitive Logic

Primitive Logic had completed more than 50 successful projects for the acquiring company. Because we had designed and implemented their architecture, we knew everything about their technical environment, from systems to data to infrastructure to security. When this project arose, the client turned to Primitive Logic as its trusted advisor.

The Results

As part of our initial assessment, we gathered information on how each system served the needs of the acquired organization. This understanding allowed us to work with our client to prioritize the integration and consolidation process. Our client first prioritized their back-end systems and processes, to enable them to keep operations functioning properly in supporting the combined business.

The consolidation process involved a range of factors for each system, including licensing, security, data management, and staff required to support each system. We then moved through the rest of their systems to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiencies, and integrate data, enabling them to make business decisions on this new accurate and timely data.

As a result of working with Primitive Logic, the client was able to integrate both organizations’ IT systems and processes quickly and seamlessly. The outcome quickly allowed the combined IT group to support their growing business needs. Almost immediately, they began seeing the business benefits of the acquisition and realizing the efficiencies of functioning as one company.

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