Customer Relationship Management & Digital Marketing

A mindful approach that centers around your customer to empower your customer service.

Primitive Logic leverages technology to improve the fundamental human connections we all share. With over 30 years of CRM experience, Primitive Logic excels at helping our clients turn their customers into loyal brand champions through CRM strategies tailored to how you do business.

Are you aware how your customers’ experiences influence your business?

Good relationships are good for business. Primitive Logic helps you take a mindful approach to CRM that equips your sales team with the right information at the right time and empowers your customer service team to anticipate and resolve issues to boost customer service. We also work with you to create targeted campaigns that are personalized to treat each customer as the unique individual they are.

“This important and fundamental application will allow us to have a single view of all customer information. We will build on this to improve our own efficiencies as well as provide a higher level of customer support.”

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Saul RuizCustomer Relationship Management & Digital Marketing